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Telemarketing technology has been used extensively in Western countries over the past 40 years. The active sales by phone allow the companies to reduce at times spending on advertising their own products. As for the domestic market the telemarketing became an interesting thing for the Ukrainian firms relatively recently, but already made excellent results for those who are not lazy to use the experience of the western colleagues. Increase the recognition of your product by ordering the service "Telemarketing" in the contact center ContactCall.

Telemarketing is sales

How to create potential customer’s loyalty to your business and to encourage him taking advantage of your products / services? The answer to this question is well-known for the specialists who have worked long period of time in telemarketing. The call center ContactCall possesses such specialists. We carry out active Telesales competently, unobtrusively, efficiently. That is why the cooperation with the ContactCall is beneficial for you!

How do we work?

Before starting any active sales by phone our operators pass the complex trainings on the customer’s company specifics. To be completely free in knowing the benefits and advantages of the products / services of your company, the operators are trained to carry on conversation of a certain pattern. Very important point here is the operator’s diction, intonation, which is also controlled by our contact center. Together with the customer we create a script of call aimed to make positive impression about the company and encourage acting.

Then the call center staff develops the list of the customers who will be called. For achieving the best results on sales the staff of our center will make “cold” calls and compile statistics on completed calls.

The telemarketing goals are:

·         To provide the clients with the necessary information about the company

·         To form the list of the loyal customers, search of potential clients

·         To increase the marketing company’s effectiveness

·         To define the clients interested in receiving products/services of your company

·         To make the statistics, reports about active sales that will help to foresee the clients’ behavior and create more effective marketing strategy in future.

Active Telesales allow increasing the income of your company at times and quite a few Ukrainian companies are already convinced about it. But it is possible only if telemarketing will be of high quality, with the knowledge of the profession specifics. Entrust the contact center ContactCall to carry out active sales.

Also you may be interested in other services:

·         Creation and updating the databases

·         Presentation by phone

·         Calls and requests processing

·         Virtual Office


If you have any questions regarding the telemarketing service do not hesitate to call our specialists and make an order.

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