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Service and Rates Virtual Office

Virtual Office is a service which has become one of the most popular in outsourcing, both in European countries, and on the territory of Ukraine. The contact Center ContactCall is also ready to offer this service having sufficient technical and manpower to provide the smooth operation of the virtual office. Taking into consideration the advantages offered by our virtual office, rates and terms of cooperation, ContactCall will become your reliable partner in remote control of your own company.

The service Virtual Office has become popular among companies with different spheres of business as for various financial or geographical reasons it was not feasible to keep their own staff of managers or secretaries. Today the virtual office is the service which includes receiving and processing calls, faxes, e-mail forwarding and other options.


What is included into the service Virtual Office?

The main advantage of the Virtual Office is that it physically exists outside your company. You do not care about the conditions of its work, equipment, and staff. At the same time the duties assigned to it are performed properly with full reporting. You need Virtual Office if:

  • You need a centralized telephone line which is receiving all incoming calls without interruption and loss of clients.
  • It is not profitable for you to keep your own call center or staff making telephone calls to clients and partners.
  • You want to save by not renting an office, not paying for the equipment and staff salary.

The service Virtual Office has the following advantages:

1.     It is the same as having your own secretary, but at a lower cost, besides the human factor is completely absent.

2.     No costs needed for the work places organization, public services.

3.     Opportunity to acquire a prestigious landline number to improve the company's image, as well as to establish your presence in another city / country.

4.     Keeping in touch with your clients if it comes to necessity to reduce staff, transfer staff to work remotely, to expand the company and so on.

5.     There is no such thing as a "busy line". All calls will be accepted and properly processed.

6.     Beneficial payment terms under which you save not only money, but also time.

How to book the service Virtual Office?

To get a better idea about the operations of the Virtual Office of the call center ContactCall you can make a request, ask for a call back or contact us using contact information on our website. Order the service Virtual Office. The rates and conditions of your Virtual Office work have impressive advantages that allow you to expose new facets of your business.

In order to optimize the performance of the Virtual Office you may combine the functions of the center with other services such as direct dial telephone, processing of calls and orders, service IVR.

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