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ContactCall is a fast-developing modern call center, the number of its customers increases every day. Due to the large amount of the long-term projects, we are constantly in need of young and ambitious employees who are ready to become true professionals.

If you are:

• Full of energy and persistence;

• Not afraid to strive for the best and work for the result;

• Ready to become an irreplaceable part of the friendly team, join the ContactCall team!

Working with ContactCall is:

·         Possibility to start a career. The work in the call center will be suitable for students and school graduators as it does not require specialized skills, only the great desire to work and self-develop;

·         The perspective of further professional growth and promotion;

·         Decent salary for quality performance;

·         Friendly team, comfortable working atmosphere.

Attention! Please do not disturb if you do not believe in your power and do not strive to become a better worker. Those who want to earn by doing nothing and who think that the call center is not perspective, please leave the vacancies page and search for something more interesting on other pages of our website.

Potential employees may contact us:

+38 050 395 77 75


[email protected] – mail for CVs.

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