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For business that is aimed at increasing the number of customers it is simply unacceptable to have "line busy" and especially forced ignoring incoming calls. A tour operator must promptly provide customers with information on all issues. Improvement of service quality through effective telephone lines is one of the most important conditions for increasing profits and the number of regular customers of travel companies, firms, and agencies. The 24 hours’ working call center will become a major advantage over the competitors for the tour operators!

In comparison with the standard tour operator employees’ work the call center has the following advantages:

·         Telephone conversation recording for further clarification of details and avoidance of the conflict situations;

·         Efficient providing of information on all questions, pleasant and distinct operator’s speech.

·         Feature of virtual lines organization;

·         24 hours’ work regardless weekends and holidays;

·         Control of the quality of the customers’ service;

·         СRM-system, databases organization;

·         Creation of hotline 8 800, infoline.

Cooperation with ContactCall allows you to automate some routine processes and avoid the loss of customers. We offer a complex solution for tour operators, which is complemented by a flexible price policy and which guarantees to help increase tours sales.


Also the call center services are to collect information about the media channels, informing customers about ongoing loyalty programs, promotions, reminders about booking, date of departure etc. The results of the work are available as structured reports in a convenient form.

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