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Service - conducting telephone surveys

Market research conducted by the focus groups’ outgoing calls is an integral part of the successful company activities. This is a quick and relatively inexpensive method to get public opinion which helps to coordinate the foreign policy regarding advertising and sales. Moreover conducting telephone surveys is necessary for the following tasks:

·         Identifying the preferences of the potential buyers/customers;

·         Investigation of the market capacity;

·         Identifying target audience and the typical customer’s image;

·         Assessing the marketing activity’s effectiveness;

·         Definition of the competitors’ advantages;

·         Analysis of the decrease in demand and changes in the business environment etc.

Conducting telephone surveys also helps to raise the level of loyalty to the company because direct communication means the client-oriented policy of the company.

Advantages of telephone surveys over other methods of research

In addition to obtaining the complete picture of consumers’ opinion and making marketing conclusions by the outsourcing contact center the conduction of telephone surveys is appropriate and favorable for the following reasons:

·         Significant time saving. To make contact with the respondents the interviewer has just to dial the number and not go long distances;

·         The maximum information and reliability. Due to such feedback as telephone surveys it is possible to solve any marketing challenge. According to the statistics people are willingly responding to the virtual interviewers and are ready to provide real information;

·         Creation of the database. As a result of the telephone surveys we form the list of the potential clients or certain selections by interests which will help in solving current and planned challenges;

·         Full report. In comparison to the personal deep interviews or contact surveys the telephone polls are more practical. The conversations records can reveal the smallest details such as the respondent’s voice intonation. Further the company can make the detailed report on the basis of the records.

The quality control. The impeccable performance. Conduction of the telephone surveys by the contact center  ContactCall.

The majority of the managers do not pay attention to such small details as qualitative surveys of the respondents. Very often such tasks are given to the ordinary staff that does not have necessary experience and skills. Such approach lowers the clients’ loyalty, forms distance and negative image of the company.

The contact center ContactCall values the interests of its clients. Our staff consists of specialists who are continuously trained and tested.

The telephone surveys are carried out in accordance with the prepared script which includes the questions aimed at the ultimate result. The script is written according to the customer’s wishes and is corrected by the ContactCall representatives for the maximum effectiveness.

The work result is the detailed report which can be presented to the customer in any format: selection, table, chart, free format etc. Also it is possible to use statistic calculations.

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creation and updating the databases;

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