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Introduction of 5G on the roads of Ukraine
Ukraine is among the TOP-10 of the world states in which the connection of the new 5G format is being conducted on the highways.
Growth of IT market in Ukraine
Today, Ukraine is experiencing positive growth in the information technology market. As of 2018, the number of FOPs in the IT sector increased by 23%. The greatest dynamics is observed...
How to save with the help of outsourcing
About 75% of Fortune 500 companies have already opened their own service centers. Different countries of the world are selected for location, and in recent years they are beginning to...
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The call center operator at home - the pros and cons
Work in a call center does not require the constant presence of the operator at the workplace, the use of...
Motivation of call center employees
Staff turnover is one of the main problems of call centers around the world. According to studies, employees aged 20-35...
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