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Over the past few years, the service has become a secret shopper is very popular. She earned a reputation as an effective method for investigating the quality of customer service and employee productivity companies.

Professional recruitment agency offers everyone to order the service. "Mystery shopper" with a high level of training, will conduct the necessary studies in a short time. Based on the analyzed data to the customer will be given a detailed report on the work done. Based on the information received, the head of the company will be able to familiarize yourself with all the problems that arise in the process of customer service. Moreover, experts will develop effective ways to address them. Based on these recommendations will be able to improve the efficiency of each organization.

Objectives of the study

In the business world service "Mystery shopper" is used for different purposes, namely:

- For an objective assessment of employee training;
- To assess the quality assessment, processing of requests to Internet portals, telephone operators;
- Research is being conducted to identify the quality of the competition.

MYSTERY CALLER service allows you to determine the level of motivation. Due to the information received will determine the best way sales of goods. The service is often used to evaluate the use in practice of all kinds of promotional materials. The value of the services provided affect the work area of ​​the test, as well as the chosen method for its control.

Customers should be aware that the "Mystery Shopper" does not apply to methods of competitive intelligence. Even if this technique will be used to verify the partner, it will not bring harm to the commercial activities of the organization. Before you get started, the experts agreed with the customer detailed audit plan. In the study, experts are guided by the wishes of all, the instructions that have been left by the client.


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