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Telephone survey is a modern and operational method for identifying respondents' preferences and opinions on a wide range of issues. Operators, directly communicating by telephone with subscribers, quickly receive the primary information necessary for further analysis and research of the interests of the population. Telephone interviews can reach a significant volume of subscribers - from several hundred to several thousand.
Based on the questionnaire in the framework of a sociological survey, the following goals can be achieved:


  • to reveal the individual opinion of the respondents regarding the election program of the candidate to the authorities;
  • assess the trend of voters' preferences based on their gender, social status, age, professional activity;
  • see the dynamics of the popularity of a candidate for deputy or party in terms of geographical factor;
  • to have a full, clear, objective picture of public opinion for adjusting and improving the election program.


Telephone surveys affect not only the political interests of voters. The questionnaire has been successfully and actively used as a marketing research to promote new products and services, conduct promotions, research customer opinions on the existing range of products.

Call center services for conducting opinion polls

Turning to the Contact Call Contact Center, you can evaluate the benefits of cooperation in the framework of conducting effective and efficient social surveys on various research subjects:

  • questioning is carried out by professional call center operators strictly on questions previously drawn up by the customer questionnaire;
  • the received data allows you to quickly generate samples according to certain criteria and carry out a comprehensive analysis of the information received;
  • the call center is equipped with progressive, modern software for conducting surveys at an operational pace, with high quality communications;
  • sociological questionnaire services involve lightning-fast processing of data in electronic form based on respondent responses recorded by operators;
  • Organization of sociological telephone interviews provides for the recording of all dialogs with interlocutors, which allows you to analyze answers in detail, listen to them and choose the most interesting ones. The price of outsourcing surveys by telephone based on outsourcing varies based on the volume of the order and the extent of audience coverage.

When deciding to order a survey of contact center operators, check out the effectiveness of this service:

  • as a result of sociological identification of interests, it is possible to obtain a clear picture of public opinion at the current moment;
  • to formulate new development strategies to increase the rating and adjust the course of the election campaign;
  • a telephone survey performs the function of additionally informing voters about a political party and candidates, increasing the turnout of their electoral supporters;
  • questioning of respondents helps to convey to them the ideas of the election campaign, to increase interest from voters, to predict the outcome of the elections.


The questionnaire involves a large-scale audience coverage, the operational timing of an effective sociological survey, and the democratic cost of the service.

You can order a telephone social survey by calling: +38 0 800 21 01 65, +38 050 395 7755.


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