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Backup call center services on favorable terms

In the "hot" season, the flow of incoming calls increases dramatically and your own call center can not cope with peak loads? Not everyone is happy with the option of hiring additional personnel and purchasing equipment, since these measures require substantial financial costs. In such situations, a rational leasing solution will be a rational solution. This service in Ukraine provides an outsourcing company ContactCall. Cooperation is possible with enterprises of different fields of activity.

In what situations use the offer
Different companies resort to services of outsourcers. Usually they hire a backup contact center during the period of seasonal activities of the target audience (holidays, sales, promotions) to promptly process incoming requests and calls, to keep the quality of service for customers at the proper level. Expanding staff and hiring employees for several days or weeks is impractical. Services of outsourcers will help to quickly optimize work in conditions of high short-term load.

However, there are other force majeure situations when suddenly a spare call center may be required. To the help of outsourcers can be resorted to:


  • failure of the main communication equipment;
  • system failures;
  • power outages or the Internet;
  • carrying out technical works or preventive maintenance;
  • Backup call center will help to quickly solve these problems.


It will become a reliable backup option for streamlining the processing of incoming calls in any emergency situation.

Features of cooperation

A reserve call center can be used to fully service incoming calls or provide an additional communication line. These services are aimed at increasing the power flow and discharge of the standard system. The result of bringing a backup call center to work is improving the quality of service and improving the image of an enterprise without large financial expenses.

ContacnCall provides outsourced incoming call processing services. The client receives a fully working backup call center model with a streamlined system, modern equipment and a sufficient number of staff. We also generate reports and keep statistics of processed applications for presentation to the customer as a real result of our work. You can leave a request for cooperation on the site. Detailed conditions are discussed individually.


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