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Voice messages delivery

It is not beneficial to employ operators when you have huge client base and there is the need to deliver information without receiving a response from the clients on line. As many European companies our local organizations are using the service "voice message delivery." Voice message delivery is an automated process of communication with the previously formed list of customers that not only increases the efficiency of communication with customers and partners, but also improves the image of your company and the level of loyalty.

You need voice messages delivery if:

• You want to deliver certain information to the maximum number of clients.

• You want to increase the level of customers’ feedback.

• You want to save costs for calling the customers.

• You want to make a positive image of your company for your clients.

Voice message delivery has the following advantages:

1.     Convenient way to notify the customers. The system operates automatically excluding the human factor and minimizing time for calls. When getting the signal "busy" or call rejection, the system immediately calls the next number in the database that allows you to make 2-3 times more calls per day.

2.     Making telephone calls to only potential customers. By dynamically inserting the person's name the voice message will be perceived positively and listened to the end. Thus the client will receive the necessary information that encourages response and further cooperation with your company. Voice messages delivery from the contact center ContactCall is highly effective because an individual approach is used in creating messages.

3.     Properly written message. The specialists of our contact center compose professional voice messages following the rules of IVR, intonation and diction. They competently change the numerals’ endings; it makes the messages sound right and natural. Thus voice messages delivery from the call center ContactCall becomes the most effective.

4.     Time saving and reducing expenses. The service voice messages delivery eliminates the need for operators to make calls and deliver the information to the customers. Delivery process is fully automated that allows not only to send the same message, but also to change, for example, the numerical parameters if necessary.

How to order service «voice messages delivery»?

Make an order or contact us in any convenient way for you to get all the necessary information from our managers about creating and delivery voice messages. The contact center ContactCall works both with the databases provided by the customer, and with databases compiled by ourselves (service "creation and updating of the databases.") All details, rates and services are calculated depending on geography and the number of calls, as well as the duration of a voice message.

The contact center ContactCall also recommends use of the following services for more effective promotion of products

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In order to clarify the cost and details of the service "Voice messages delivery" please contact our specialists, who will select for you the best offer.

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