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Work with receivables and payables

Working with receivables by phone is an effective way to collect debts

Accounts receivable is always an unpleasant, negative side of the business activity of any company, enterprise or organization, requiring an effective solution and systematic work to collect debts. Accounts receivable is the total amount of financial resources due to creditor companies, enterprises, firms from debtors: legal entities and citizens.

Hanging receivables have a negative impact on the company's work, since this part of the profit could be used for business development, launching new services, manufacturing products, technical re-equipment of production. The risk of the formation and growth of accounts receivable increases if the company provides services or sells goods on a deferred payment or installment plan. In such situations, the number of debtors who do not pay invoices on time often increases, and the creditor is forced to lose financial income.


How are issues of collection of accounts receivable handled by call center operators?

Call center services are often used to effectively and efficiently communicate with debtors in order to pay off their existing debt. Operators conduct conversations with debtors, warn about the threat of filing a lawsuit, and conduct a dialogue according to scenarios agreed with customers. The work of operators within the collection of receivables is carried out in three directions.


Calls are automatic. Using modern technologies, call center employees create an automatic message - an emulation of a human voice. This takes into account the profile of the subscriber's activity, the amount of his debt, so that the debtor has the impression that he is talking to a living person. Automatic calls to collect receivables are carried out with a certain regularity - until the result is received.

Format of real communication. Accounts receivable management also involves "live" communication between operators and the debtor. As part of the conversation, the subscriber informs the employee about the planned maturity of the debt and the interest rate on the debt. The operator also finds out the reasons why the debtor is delaying payment, and informs about the possible transfer of the dispute to the court. As practice shows, a live dialogue gives a more tangible result than calls in automatic mode.

Combination of both methods

At the first stage of collecting receivables, communication with the debtor is carried out using automatic messages. If there is no result, the method of "live communication" between the operator and the debtor is activated.

Based on the results of the operators' work, the customer company receives a detailed report informing it about how many calls were made to subscribers, which of them had a dialogue, who ignored it, what comments were received as a result of the conversation. For proper control, dialogues with debtors are recorded so that a company that has receivables can evaluate the effectiveness of the call center.

Call-center employees specializing in communication with debtors undergo specialized training, are well-versed in this area, and use effective, loyal methods of communication. Practice proves that by entrusting work with debts to call center employees, the client receives a more tangible result than if calls were made by sales managers.

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