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Business is constantly changing. It can grow and expand or narrow its activity. If you develop your business sooner or later you will work in other cities. So in order to be always in touch with a branch, you will be in need of "Direct dial."

This service provides many advantages. First of all, it saves an office rent. Secondly, it is quick recruitment and training of workers. Third, is to get rid of costs for equipment installation.

The reasons why it is worth to use the service “Direct dial”:

·         Increased popularity and people’s trust in your company. You may request a number with the code of any town and a client will believe that the company’s office is located in his native town. Also the practice shows that partners trust much more to those companies which offices are located in big cities.

·         When opening a branch and also during its normal work you will be called few times a day. That is why you will waste a lot for the communication. Using this service you can save on calls to the different branches of your company. It saves costs for branch maintaining.

·         High mobility and convenience, those are necessary for normal work flow. Besides the communication will become advantageous for you.

·         If you have a big company and you need more than 1 line, the call center ContactCall will provide you with few direct lines for better efficiency.

What you should know when selecting a line? First of all the code of the city (country) where you want to locate an office or branch. In addition, you can use the service "Virtual Office" which can receive and process your calls by the operators of the ContactCall. All your mail will be processed and your customers will be able to stay in touch with you and your company.

Service "Direct line" allows one-time solving several important issues the solution of which could take quite a long period of time. Using ContactCall is a choice of successful and quickly growing companies.


To learn about the rates of "Direct Dial", as well as learn all the details, get advice or to activate the service, please contact our specialists.

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