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Event invitation services

Invitations to events - gather a full hall of guests!

On the eve of an exhibition, symposium, seminar, conference, training, its organizers are not unreasonably worried - will there be enough guests for the upcoming meeting? In order for visitors to take all the free seats, and the meeting was a success, it is advisable to use such a service as inviting guests by phone.

In order for the information message in the form of an invitation to an event to be adequately received by a potential guest, several rules must be taken into account:


  • the text of the invitation should be short, concise and simple so that the subscriber understands where he is invited, where and when the meeting will be held;
  • calling potential guests should be done as quickly as possible, and this can only be done by a well-coordinated team of call center operators who will call the maximum number of subscribers in the shortest possible time;
  • reading the text of the invitation, the operator focuses on what benefits the guest will receive from visiting the exhibition, seminar, training;



Of course, you can invite visitors on your own, while spending a fairly large amount of time. But it is better to act more rationally - use the call center service and entrust qualified and competent operators to call customers.

How does the service of calling clients to invite them to an event work?

As part of this service, the cooperation between the customer company and the call center is built according to the following scheme:



  1. At the beginning, the task is set, the nature, profile of the event, its program are studied. The call center specialist, together with the customer of the services, draws up the advertising text of the invitation, which reflects its main characteristics: date, purpose, time of the event.
  2. At the second stage, either a database for calls is compiled, or calls to invite to attend an event are made according to the existing database of subscribers.
  3. Further, within the framework of the service, scripts are developed - scripts, dialogue algorithms. At this stage of the service, examples of conversations with different categories are compiled: representatives of business circles, the press, ordinary citizens.



Based on the results of calls, the call center generates a preliminary detailed report on how many people will definitely come to a conference, symposium or exhibition, who is still in thought, and who categorically refused to attend. Also, a few days before the event, as part of the provided customer information service, operators call back registered participants, reminding them of the upcoming event.


Service Benefits

By contacting the call center to call the audience to invite guests to an upcoming event, the customer company receives the following benefits:



  1. Always a positive outcome. Preliminary calls are held one to two months before the upcoming event, and a second reminder is held 1-3 days before the start of the event so that guests do not forget about it in a busy everyday schedule.
  2. No need to make phone calls yourself. Qualified employees of the call center, thanks to modern equipment and software, make up to 250 calls daily, implementing effective scenarios for conducting a dialogue with customers.
  3. The call center that provides services for calling subscribers for an invitation has several tariff packages, so each client will be able to order the solution that is optimal in terms of cost and content. The call center service for calling guests to an upcoming event will help you gather a full hall of an interested audience - do not hesitate!


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