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Telephone presentations

Today the various technologies for clients’ attraction are of great demand in commercial environment. The question naturally arising in each manager’s head is what methods really work and what will not give the desired results. One of the most effective methods is the presentation by phone.

To attract clients and increase the company’s revenue one needs a powerful promotion tool. The services/ products need proper presentation which will convince the potential clients that this is what they have been looking for long time! The contact center ContactCall organizes the presentations for your company products, therefore we present the most beneficial offers for the clients, inform about the ongoing deals and sales. The objective of each presentation by phone is to give the maximum information to the potential clients to create the most favorable environment for the company’s products promotion.  

Why do you need presentation by phone?

The presentation is provided to the Customer’s clients or to the list of clients specially selected for the project. After all calls have been made the operators make a report with the results of the calls, the clients’ remarks and suggestions regarding the company product.  The Customer receives the answers in any format he wishes.

The service “Presentation by phone” creates the following opportunities for the customers:

·         Increased sales;

·         Increased level of loyal attitude towards a company’s product;

·         Expanding the client bases;

·         Creation of the potential buyers’ databases;

·         Saving financial expenses and manpower by using presentation by phone in the outsourcing company ContactCall;

·         Informing the clients about ongoing deals, real discounts, renewals;

·         Always competent presentation, polite and attentive attitude towards clients’ needs.

Order service “Presentation by phone” if you plan:

·         Renovation of the company assortment;

·         Production of the new products;

·         Advertising campaigns;

·         Increase of sales.

Together with this service you may need:

Creation and updating databases


In order to find out more about clients’ attraction or to book service “Presentation by phone” contact our specialists. 

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