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The term "outsourcing" means the full or partial entrusting of tasks to another firm or company. This is an innovative service that has been in great demand in Europe for a long time and is just starting to develop in our country. Outsourcing helps free up manpower for more important current issues, reduce the expenses for staff salaries and optimize work operations.

Outsourcing of the call center means that calls incoming to the phone number of your company will be automatically forwarded to the contact center operator  who has assigned authority to solve a caller's question.

Why it is so important not to miss calls?

According to the statistics only 4% of customers would show displeasure if receive inattentive attitude and the remaining 96% will simply turn to the competitors. The customers albeit small are the sources of the company’s revenue. Are you able to deprive yourself of profit because of one missed call?

Call center in outsourcing is the choice for effective business, which allows not only not losing a single customer, but also increasing their number through impeccable service.

And if you get back to the numbers the search for new people to make client base costs 7 times more than retaining the existing ones.

Who needs call center in outsourcing?

First of all the companies who value their business reputation and revenue maximization. Making a contract with the contact center ContactCall relieves you from:

·         Necessity to equip new work places for the employees “on phone”;

·         Overloading the telephone lines and, as a consequence, prompt reaction to the important calls;

·         Customer’s long waiting time to get your response;

·         Unhappy and lost clients.

ContactCall developed a special program for taxi services. Outsourcing of the call center can become irreplaceable to address the current challenges of the companies of different kinds of businesses.

The terms of cooperation

The work process is simple: only those calls are forwarded that did not receive a reply for a certain time, or all incoming calls. There are also possible variations of connection: sip, mobile, landline. It depends on what the terms of cooperation are most suitable for you and what kind of package you choose from ContactCall.

Outsourcing call center is based on the principle of remote collaboration, which, however, is equivalent to a team of new staff of initial productivity. In the process of a contract making the typical conversation scripts will be discussed and drafted, to which ContactCall employees will adhere. It may be:

·         Productive telephone sails;

·         Informational consultations;

·         Receiving orders for products/services etc.

By asking the ContactCall your receive:

·         Guaranteed receiving of all incoming calls 24/7/365, regardless of holidays and weekends;

·         Recognition in business, customers’ increased loyalty;

·         Maintaining and enlarging the number of clients;

·         And other benefits implied by the outsourcing of the call center.

We also recommend using with this service:

Direct dial;
Virtual office;
creation and updating the databases;
telephone surveys.


If you have any questions or want to learn more about the outsourcing and outstaffing  please contact the ContactCall specialists. You can also specify some information regarding any service of the incoming and outgoing call center ContactCall services.

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