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Help desk organization service

We are happy to offer you a very popular service of our call center – organization of the outsourcing helpdesk. With the help of this service your clients will be able to receive professional consultations regarding services/products that your company is offering, and all this for minimal work and financial cost for you. The call center Contact Call will organize the team of the experienced operators to make the maximum favorable impression of your company for the customers.

How does the helpdesk work?

The clients’ calls to the helpdesk will be forwarded to our contact center to the specialists’ lines. The friendly and competent operators who have passed relevant project training will answer any question.

If your company has to answer the great number of customers’ calls on a daily basis asking about products and services of the company, creation of the helpdesk is a great solution.  If you order this service, you will get a dedicated phone line with the experienced operators, whose task will be to receive customer calls, to consult, to solve various issues. Increase your company's prestige; ask the call center Contact Call for the organization of the helpdesk.

We guarantee that no one phone call will be missed, we will arrange sufficient number of operators for the smooth operation of the helpdesk. The customers’ waiting time on the line will be reduced to zero. The goal of the helpdesk creation by the outsourcing company Contact Call is to increase customer’s loyalty to your business, giving detailed answers to their questions.

 With our company’s help you can really save:

·         time for job organization for the personnel and staff training;

·         money for rental and technical supply of the work place.

Together with the helpdesk services we also can offer you:

·         creation IVR;

·         calls and orders processing;

·         direct line creation.


If you want to book the organization of the helpdesk, place an order or contact us in any convenient way.

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