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Customer satisfaction analysis

Determining customer satisfaction: types and goals of analysis

Customer satisfaction analysis is a measure aimed at identifying loyalty of the target audience to the quality of the company's service. It is aimed at building employee motivation schemes, increasing the percentage of return of "lost" customers and increasing the volume of pre-sales. Due to the systematic approach, you can increase the company's turnover up to 30% without increasing advertising costs.

Key business indicators

There are only 2 of them: NPS and CSI. These two analytical tools are aimed at determining customer loyalty and satisfaction, respectively. They are used to monitor the positive attitude of Central Asia to the company. Determination of the NPS and CSI indices allows you to quickly implement improvements and improve the quality of service, due to which business profitability is guaranteed to increase.

CSI value

Customer satisfaction directly affects the formation of consumer loyalty and serves as a major factor in retaining Central Asia. That is, the success and profitability of the business depends on how effectively the company can meet the expectations and requests of customers or users.

The CSI indicator allows you to measure customer satisfaction after cooperating with an enterprise or acquiring its products. That is, this index reflects the success of consumer experience.

Effective way to determine loyalty

To assess customer satisfaction using different techniques, including surveys. The most effective tool is NPS analysis. Enterprises and companies of various specializations resort to it. It is most commonly used: regular and online stores, mobile operators or providers.

The analysis of customer satisfaction is carried out in several ways: by phone; by sending an NPS-question in the social network; sending letters to e-mail, instant messengers or in SMS format. Calls are made by call center operators. Usually, they provide this service on the basis of outsourcing.

As part of the NPS survey, modern automated IVR audio messages are used, which are recorded earlier.

Tasks of NPS-analysis

It is carried out to determine consumer sympathy for a particular product or manufacturer. The method allows to measure the satisfaction of the target audience. During the survey, customers are offered to indicate on a scale of 0-10 the likelihood of their recommendations for a product, service or manufacturer to their friends. Based on the answers, respondents are divided into 3 groups:


  • "Detractors (dissatisfied customers)" - they give a rating from 0 - 6 and will not give recommendations;
  • "Passive". Their score is 7-8. They are generally satisfied with the service, but do not want to make recommendations;
  • "Promoters (active)". These are the most loyal consumers and they will recommend products or brand.
  • The NPS index is calculated as the difference between the relative number of dissatisfied and most satisfied customers. The higher the number, the better the customer loyalty rate.


The classic model of this method of analysis is the study of business performance. The customer satisfaction indicator forms the basis for developing a customer-oriented system for motivating company employees when the bonus share of income is calculated based on an assessment of loyalty to Central Asia.

Benefits of NPS Analysis

This "welcome call" tool allows you to accurately measure the percentage of satisfied customers among the bulk of Central Asia, identify dissatisfied people in time, start working on reducing their number, and provide the ability to control mood changes among consumers. The formula by which the result of the survey is calculated is simple and clear, usually the data is transferred to a spreadsheet for clarity.


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