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Internet has become an integral part of not only our lives, but also business. Dozens of millions of people use internet on a daily basis. Some of them visit your company's website. And also some of them may become your potential customers. The service "Online Advisor" can unlock the full potential of your online business.

How does this service work? Our specially trained operator constantly monitors your site and tracks its activity. Using our equipment, the operator can talk to visitors. The advisor answers users' questions. Due to the special functionality that will be installed on your website, the user can get the answer to any profile question that made him interested. The advisor who answers questions can arrange delivery of goods, confirm the order from the online store, and describe your products, their cost. In addition, he can "direct" a visitor to a conversation by phone. Further communication can be continued either by the advisor or by your employee.

Due to this service customers will have more trust in your company, because they do not have to wait long time for a response by email. They will be able to communicate with a representative of your company online any time of the day. In addition, a person will keep an eye of your site, not a program. Our service allows you to expand your work area across the country, and even beyond.

You can see the work results already on the first day. You can receive reports or inquiries from potential buyers by e-mail or phone calls. Due to these weekly reports you can quickly decide whether to change something in structure of the site, an advertising campaign, the product itself in order to increase sales and thus profits.

Now your customers will be able to communicate with you via your company website, and also to obtain the necessary information promptly. All this work is done for you by an online advisor who provides consultations for visitors.

When ordering this service the call center ContactCall will first of all compose a script of a conversation, followed by your wishes. The script must have answers to the most common questions. The operators will communicate with customers in future in accordance with this script. The site will available button "Ask a question", "Consult a specialist," “Consultation "or the other. Usually the customers prefer 24-hour consultations.

It is worth mentioning that all the conversations are saved and you can view them if you wish.

By ordering service "online advisor" you get a reliable and up-to-date operator for your website.

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