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Outsourced call control

Calls Processing is necessary services that helps solving many business issues and avoid the loss of customers. It is important for all the companies that are faced with the great number of incoming calls to which staff members are not physically able to answer. In this case there are only two ways out: to create new jobs or ask the contact center ContactCall for service.

As you know every call is a potential profit. Customers, partners and other interested people who call your company certainly expect quality service and efficient answers to their questions. Having other priorities your employees are not able to deliver such service to them, to allow time for calls processing, forwarding, distribution to the relevant departments, etc. In addition, the call processing and taking an order takes certain time, reduces working effectiveness and, as a consequence, the overall effectiveness of the company.

Calls processing – how it works?

Call center ContactCall will become your reliable assistant in all aspects of the telephone service. Our experts are people with the appropriate skills and knowledge, with good command in business communication ethics and ready to present diversified businesses.

Depending on the selected tariff plan and objectives, the employees of the ContactCall will process the calls:

• Exceptionally after working hours (including weekends and holidays);

• In rush hours when there is great number of calls;

• In continuous full forward mode.

Before starting performance of the tasks the personal operators of the contact center ContactCall learn the specifics of the customer’s work in details, and are required to attend trainings and obtain certification.

An ordinary worker entrusted to process calls and requests is not able to carry on a telephone conversation same as a trained specialist. ContactCall staff has perfect command in sales techniques, carrying on conversation according to selling scripts, staff is skilled to deal with the conflict situations and solve complicated problems.

It all proves that giving part of the authority to the outsourcing company you can greatly save:


·         There are no costs for making new jobs and paying wages;

·         There is no need to finance the employees’ trainings;

·         Reducing time for non-priority tasks, the work effectiveness is increasing;

·         Improvement of the clients’ and partners’ loyalty. Your incomes grow.

The call processing entrusted to the ContactCall is effective, advisable and beneficial. The results of our work are the number of the reports made in the format requested by the customer. The telephone records can be made if needed.


To clarify the nuances and the details of cooperation, rates, to order the service "Processing of calls and orders", other questions, please contact the consultants of the ContactCall. 

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