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5G implementation on the roads

Ukraine is among the TOP-10 of the world states in which the connection of the new 5G format is being conducted on the highways.

A test project for testing technology is launched on domestic highways. Innovative communication is able to provide high-speed launch and operation of applications. The project is called "Internet of Things on the Roads Based on 5G Communication Technology".

The upcoming event was reported by the Ministry of Infrastructure.

Project Goals

The main task of this undertaking is to create a network of smart roads that can provide increased driving safety and maximum communication with coated cars. Naturally, this is only possible when using the new generation 5G connection.

"The roads are clever due to special transport systems with artificial intelligence. Today, they are being launched in pilot mode, "Minister of Infrastructure V. Omelyan said in his official account on Facebook.

The challenge is global. And for its successful implementation can not do without competent support. To ensure the work of 5G in Ukraine, it is also planned to attract a contact center to serve users.

Stages of technology introduction

The launch of 5G in Ukraine is planned to be carried out gradually; in total, 3 stages are distinguished in this process.

At the very first, testing will be performed on the control section of the road. The second stage involves connecting to the intellectual network of one of the highways of Ukraine of international importance. The third stage is the final one. After successful tests at this stage, the coverage network extends to all the roads of Ukraine.

In the process of testing and direct operation of the new communication, attention will be paid to ensuring production processes, technical support to the target audience, determining customer satisfaction and loyalty to innovations on the roads.


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