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Telemarketing for business and sales


Telemarketing or cold calling system has never been easy. Yes, at first glance, of course, she organized elementary - need to start a customer database from the internet and intercom. But when you come across on the fifth, tenth, fiftieth rejection, you understand that in telephone sales all much more complicated than it seems. Where was lurking cherished stones, let us together look at the key moments of telemarketing.

Getting all started

This area is still developing in the domestic spaces of countries, but it is already clear that the efficiency of their critically low. All because the majority of call centers offering cold calling services totally focused on its user. Usually, they just took the western circuit is fine and works perfectly even abroad, and try to impose it here. Of course, this approach does not work. Mentality, or as it is now customary to speak of purchasing power in the domestic customers in differing radically. See for yourself which one is brought up in the Soviet Union people will replace perfectly working on a more advanced technique just to make your life easier. Such a culture of consumption applicable to the western world, but not to ours. And therein lies the first pitfall telemarketing, and the scope of advertising in general.

Parse the points

Once conscious awareness comes that you need to change the system of cold calling, it is absolutely logical question becomes - how to do it. Unfortunately, at the moment there is only one correct solution, the use of which in any industry increased sales immediately. However, there are some ideas, expressed in the following:

  • Sophisticated scenario - even Sugarman and Ogilvy in his books talked to anticipate customer desires, of course, then it was not about call centers, but why not use the advice of legendary personalities;
  • Monitoring of cold sales - as in any business, organization and tireless monitoring will bear fruit, must be oriented to the bare minimum, that is, only one percent of all calls;
  • outsourcing or its telemarketolog - is the choice of each, it is worth to mention that outsourcing companies are more plastic, experienced and work in online mode, meaning they can serve multiple marketplaces or presented goods.

We can not say that reading and following all these nuances of telemarketing would be the main source of your company's revenue. But to lose customers simply because of ignorance or laziness is also not an option. Implement cold calls into your system, but do it deliberately!

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