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Elementary alphabet of the secret buyer: or what are the advantages of this branch of outsourcing services

Mystery shopper advantage of this outsourcing service

When we are faced every day with the purchase of goods, or we are provided with certain services, then, being honest, we note that they are not always as high-quality as we would like. And here there is a critical situation when we call directly to the directors of companies or to certain services with the aim of complaining or even receiving compensation.

Lately, self-respecting companies have decided not to provoke such situations, and they order from the companies to which part of the duties are transferred, the services of the "Secret buyer". It is worth noting that this is a rather complex and time-consuming process, that is why we approach it as balanced as possible, namely:

  • We check the shops, taxis, beauty salons, private clinics;
  • We competently select personnel for such verification, taking into account age, gender and even social status;
  • We provide a full report on the conduct of such an operation, including, and hidden video shooting;
  • We conduct planned and additional checks to determine how much the attitude has changed.

Selection of qualified personnel

Our secret buyers are so professional in their business that they pay attention to everything, from the factor of friendly attitude of staff and ending with cleanliness in the hall or on the counter. Thanks to this independent research, it is not only possible to get the most realistic data, but also to business owners to see from the side where exactly the failure in the usual work goes.

Actorship worthy of an Oscar award

Our secret buyers are not only professionals of their business, but also excellent actors; They easily enter the role to check how they treat visitors in a store, bank or hotel. It is worth noting that this tactic allows you to see not only violations on the part of personnel, but also how correctly the system of supplying services and selling goods was originally planned.

We are working on a well-planned scenario, which we provide to the customer for examination a few days before the operation. At the end of the check, the customer receives a detailed report in order to take certain measures at his discretion.

According to a competent marketing strategy, such checks are needed, both at the peak of popularity, and at the crisis stages of development and our company will help you with this.

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