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Listening to great

Listening to great
Almost every endeavor today is the classical school and its leading figures. That there are people who literally put on the legs some segment of the market, science, or any other areas of daily human activities. On the basis of their teachings and councils formed new styles develop their teaching in order to reach new heights, but can not be without this basis. As if without Newton's laws of physics, and in telemarketing can not do without the advice of Steven Shiffman. Ask who it is, let's learn together.

The most important features

A small digression must be said that Shiffman today a legend in the sales world, comparable to the Beatles or Elvis music. This confident grandfather, always stylish and well maintained, is the largest sales agent and excellent teacher. Under his current active world-famous training center, the success of which, needless to say. Already more than 350 000 sales agents became successful only because its existence.
Today, his face is recognizable, and books become bestsellers. Not once been so well known marketer and Russia. Conducted trainings focused on our fellow citizens, than one can not use. He's incredibly subtly remarked the fundamental elements of cold calling techniques and shows how to unlock the potential of telemarketing to the fullest. Let us move on from the biography of the great seller directly to his advice.

Instead bibliography

Of course, advice and sales rules are decorated in a book, so as not to break the opportunity to see firsthand his ability to put it, and to make the world's largest transaction, consider a couple of them:
Technicians cold calls - a reference book or, if you please, the Bible for call center workers, Schiffman showed methods of conversations that really work and have repeatedly described the successful experience of their use;
Sales Cycle - a practical guide for call centers and people who want to become successful sellers, it provides real examples of conversations that have been tested and improved master, take it, read it, sell it;
Key Account Management - it is worth to say that the book is not for beginners call center and for the more experienced operators and vendors, reveals effective strategies for cooperation on profitable areas such as increase sales and so on.
We can not say that the reading of all the existing economic literature is required to become a successful marketer and you can amass a fortune. But the book Shiffman unlike others here in the good-natured and sincere manner revealed truth, without which it is absolutely not exactly reach the heights of success.
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