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Presentation by phone. Some secrets

Presentation by phone. Some secrets

The desire of any company to constantly expand its own client base and increase turnover is understandable. To achieve the corresponding goal, today there are many effective methods, as well as technical tools. Conducting a presentation in the phone mode is clearly included in the list of the most promising ways.

Optimal situations for conducting a telephone presentation:

  • Search for new consumer groups
  • the appearance of a new service or product
  • Promoting a company or brand on the market.

In all the cases above, it is the use of the phone that is the most effective way to achieve the goal in the shortest possible time. Statistics show that in this case, you can achieve your goals much faster.

Features of the method

To date, there are two main types of phone presentation . It can be "hot & raquo; and "cold". The first option is to call the already existing customers of the company. Periodically they need to simply report on the new product or service that has appeared. The same applies to additional shares, discounts and offers. & laquo; Cold & raquo; the presentation is a search for new customers, which is why this method is more complicated.

Preparing for the presentation

First of all, responsible officials develop the most promising schemes for future conversation. It is also important to provide several options for developing the conversation. Careful preparation for the presentation significantly increases the chances of successful completion. After the end of the talks, a detailed statistics is produced, evidencing the results achieved. Analytical activity allows us to identify the main miscalculations in the scheme and get rid of them in the shortest possible time.

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