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Presentations by phone, effective work ahead of customers

Presentations by phone work ahead of time

Presentations by phone are quite popular in all world business capitals, as they have a number of advantages that distinguish this marketing strategy from others, namely:

  • Sound contact with the client, thanks to which you can immediately understand how a person is ready to cooperate further;
  • Simplicity and efficiency;
  • No need to prepare advertising and distribute it;
  • Wide audience girth;
  • Parallel execution of other tasks, namely the formation of databases, checking telephone numbers, maintaining corporate communications and more.

To whom to entrust the presentation?

As a rule, successful and novice companies choose outsourcing services in this direction, since it is outsiders who have the knowledge and skills that will help in the promotion of a particular product or service. It should be noted that quite often the refusal of self-preparation and telephone call for the purpose of presentation is dictated by certain moments, among which:

  • Lack of basic knowledge and skills in effective promotion;
  • There is no formulated telephone base;
  • The staff is busy with their work, no one wants to do anything else that is not within their competence;
  • The need for a technical solution.

At the last moment, it is worthwhile to dwell in more detail, since even a successful and wealthy firm does not see the sense and profitability in the purchase of equipment for calling, installing new additional seats and paying for communication services. Yes, and to open new staff units is not entirely effective, therefore outsourcing companies are quite a correct and competent option of cooperation, if you need to conduct any presentation on the phone.

A personal approach, a thorough study of the business and specifics of the firm, an account of all calls, an expansion of the audience and activation of sales are exactly what distinguishes us from the rest of the similar companies. In this case, it is worth emphasizing a fairly reasonable price. With each client a contract is concluded, which not only indicates the time of cooperation, but also specific goals and objectives, the total cost. We note that more than 70% of primary customers turn to us for other outsourcing services within six months from the end of the first contract.


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