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Online consultant and development of your business

Online consultant and development of your business

If your business is based on online sales and finding customers through the global network, it's time to get a online consultant for customers , or even expand the staff to a few people. Typically, an online store does not have enough people, as well as a staffing table to officially employ an employee.

Why is such a person important:

  • Direct customer contact
  • 24/7 support
  • Answers to all questions of interest
  • The possibility of using a consultant for additional purposes, such as conducting a survey, sounding suggestions, congratulating clients.

Of course, that in order for a person to really cope with the set goal, he must be a professional in his field. Our outsourcing company is ready to provide you with such specialists, having concluded a cooperation agreement with your company, where we clearly stated the terms and financial aspects of cooperation.

Why are we better than others?

Firstly, there are consultants of different profiles and directions in our state, that is why we are ready to cooperate, both with wholesale shops selling alcohol, and with Internet supermarkets specializing in electronic equipment trade.

Secondly, you yourself choose how many people your company needs in view of the number of real and potential customers, as well as the time of work. Note that you can sign the contract with the calculation of work for several shifts, which is beneficial and convenient. Customers will always have the opportunity to contact your company.

Thirdly, our employees have extensive experience and are ready to study the specifics of your company in the shortest possible time and start online consultations. You can issue consultation only in the text version, or you can connect video and voice chats.

Fourth, our cooperation with you is absolutely confidential. At the same time, you choose the time you want to sign a contract for.

Note that, as a rule, companies and institutions that have such an online support service are always more profitable compared to other competitors. It's a big plus that our technical staff are ready to help you implement a button of communication with the consultant in the base site, and also establish a time frame for the answer. Traditionally, chat is stored for further analysis and monitoring of communication.

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