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Will the IVR have a replacement?

New technology can replace IVR

What happens to IVR? Soon this option will become ineffective. In the near future, it is planned to launch an updated program to automate calls from the phone. The updated Smartcalls service was introduced by Voximplant and was created to replace IVR with more efficient solutions. The basis of the new technology development is to automate the first lines of support, that is, to establish their work without the participation of specialists, the purchase of software or equipment.

Features of the service

A characteristic feature of Smartcalls is full call automation. Moreover, not only outgoing, but also incoming. This feature makes the service truly unique and allows you to provide comprehensive automation of the first support line, to move away from the use of IVR. This function was added recently, at the beginning of the year. During the closed testing, her work was appreciated by many large companies of the Russian Federation.

"From the very moment Smartcalls entered the market, we started using it. We appreciated the convenience of service with advanced functionality in comparison with IVR. It includes all the necessary options: speech recognition, telephony, voice recording. The most anticipated of the Smartcalls updates was the addition of incoming calls. Thanks to this feature, you can now manage another line using the same familiar interface. Now we manage to make various changes to the IVR work online with just one click, which greatly simplifies the work with the service, "commented Smartcalls exit Maxim Fomin (head of the contact center department at Uralsib Bank).

"The development of technology in the field of machine learning and our communication service allowed us to look at a different angle at the automation of call center processes, the need to use IVR. Today, traditional approaches based on prerecording of interactive menus have become obsolete and do not work. For business development, it is important to quickly and easily change IVR according to various tasks, integrate with cloud or web services to transmit or receive data online, use accurate recognition and speech synthesis options. We managed to combine these functions in a convenient visual editor. Moreover, it turned out to influence the idea of ​​what constitutes an IVR menu or automate the processing of calls, "commented the output of Smartcalls Alexey Aylarov (CEO and co-founder of Voximplant).

What to expect from the service

First of all, simplify the work of contact centers. Due to the new communication platform, it will be possible to automate a number of functions, to make their implementation more qualitative and simple.

Now with the Smartcalls service, you can easily manage IVR processes and, if necessary, change its operating parameters in real time. These features will increase the efficiency of contact centers.

Future plans

At this stage of creating Smartcalls, Voximplant is not going to stop. The plans include the development of the service, the development of additional functionality aimed at simplifying the work of contact centers of the future.


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