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How do they ship goods to the USA now?

The aviation authorities of the United States approved the idea of ​​delivering parcels by drones, subject to compliance with the requirements put forward to ordinary airlines.
Wing received a certificate for air travel. The document was issued by the United States Federal Aviation Administration. The certificate allows Wing to deliver cargo by drone, according to the publication of The Washington Post.
Approval from the authorities was obtained only when the company fulfilled all the conditions standard for conventional airlines.

Prospects for the development of a new delivery method

In Wing, they stated that over the next months it is planned to begin commercial deliveries by drones to 2 rural communities in the piece. Virginia. In the future, the company also wants to expand its activities throughout the United States.

Market pioneer

Wing were the first in the United States who are planning to organize the delivery of goods through unmanned aerial vehicles, and received official permission to do so. This method will optimize the transport processes, make them faster, save on the organization of work. The advantage of unmanned aerial vehicles is that they can deliver parcels even to the most remote regions of the United States via the shortest route, regardless of the development of road infrastructure.
Similar certificates are now planning to issue and other services. In particular, they stated a similar desire in UPS, Uber, etc.

Interestingly, the US market is not the first where Wing launches parcel delivery with drones. They had previously received permission for such shipments in Australia.
It is expected that the development of transport services due to the introduction of a new method of cargo delivery by drones will have a positive impact on the dynamics of the labor market.

To ensure the work of the company will require the involvement of contact centers and their services: the organization of technical support users, help desk, processing applications and calls, etc.

When performing these tasks, operators will be required, which will employ hundreds of people across the country.
In addition, contact center services will be useful for analyzing the state of the business. The study of Central Asia and methods for determining satisfaction are used in identifying the effectiveness of the company in the industry of delivery of goods by drones.


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