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New Zealand practice for mystery shoppers

How are secret buyers sent to the casino?

New Zealand officials surprised the whole world by deciding to check the quality of the services provided in the casinos and gaming parlors. They decided to introduce the practice of inspecting these establishments. They made it in the simplest and most accessible way: they sent to the establishments of "secret buyers". In their role were government agents under cover.

Verification objectives

For "secret buyers" for the casino resorted not by chance. The reason for this was the increase in cases of gambling addiction and the need to control gambling establishments. New Zealand law allows residents of the country to participate in gambling. For this, 6 licensed casinos have been created and machines installed in pubs or hotels. All institutions are strictly controlled by special bodies. They sent "secret buyers. The rules of their work are also regulated in a fairly rigid framework. One of the prescriptions is the self-determination of a "problem" casino player, with signs of ludomania.

The purpose with which the "secret buyers" were sent was precisely to verify compliance with gambling institutions laws. The "secret buyers" were faced with the task of assessing the quality of the services provided.

According to the results of the audit, it turned out that each of the 6 licensed casinos provided visitors with high-quality service and respected the gambling culture. But in hotels and pubs, where the installation of automatic machines is allowed, the picture revealed by "secret buyers" is completely different.

The audit found that in 59% of these institutions provide low-quality services, and their work violates New Zealand law. The authorities noted that more than half of pubs and hotels with slot machines are located in areas with poor social reputation.

Useful research

This practice may be of interest to other states. First, it is easy to implement. Instead of sending officials to the casino, the "secret customer" service can be ordered in the contact center. It is easier and faster.

Secondly, the practice of checking the casino service in this way is also effective. "Secret buyers" in principle have not yet become commonplace, and even in the gambling business and even more so. Therefore, there is no identification system.

Thirdly, only a secret buyer can assess the situation and the quality of casino service from the inside without attracting special attention. Come to the usual precinct or official, the service will be performed on a completely different level than in the standard working situation.

The problem of ludomania on a global scale

Why did you need to resort to "secret buyers" to evaluate the work of the casino? Because today, cases of fixing gambling addiction have become very frequent. This is a real problem of modern society. With the development of casinos, the emergence of games and the availability of automata, the number of people suffering from food cravings has increased significantly. The fight against addiction has become a problem of state level in many countries of the world.

According to a study in the field of casinos and gambling (statistics from 2015), the officials managed to reduce the number of people suffering from wickedness. However, the problem has not yet been completely resolved, especially among the indigenous people of New Zealand. Therefore, it was decided to investigate the observance of casinos of the country's regulations with the help of "secret buyers".

A little earlier another sad statistic was announced. In Tbilisi (Georgia), a research center conducted an experiment, during which it turned out that 48% of schoolchildren regularly spend time on the Internet playing gambling. Representatives of this organization are seriously concerned about the large dynamics of the growth of ludomania among adolescents.

The task of how to deal with addiction gains a global scale. To date, various methods of overcoming ludomania are being introduced, based on the psychological impact on the addict.


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