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How to change the operator, but leave your phone number?

From May 1, MNP will start working in Ukraine. This service is designed for the possibility of changing the mobile operator while maintaining its number.

More about the new service

MNP or Mobile Number Portability is a new service designed to enable subscribers to move from one mobile communications company to another while maintaining their number. In other words, all the numbers remain the same, but the person uses the services of another operator.

How to switch to another communications company in Ukraine
This will require several operations:

  1. Register the number in your name. You need to call the hotline or visit the corporate communications salon. Employees of the call center or official store will prompt you if the number is currently registered in the user name. If not, you will need to complete this procedure.
  2. Apply for porting to another cellular provider. This can be done online or in person: on the website of your company, in the salon of communication.
  3. Get a new SIM card with saving numbers. This happens after the consent of the mobile operator from which the transition is made. Having received a positive answer, it is worth contacting the nearest communications salon of another service provider for receiving a SIM card with automatically transferred numbers.
When contacting the official store with the application, you will need to have with you any document confirming your identity. It can be a regular, official, diplomatic or international passport; Residence permit or permanent residence, refugee certificate - for foreigners; driver's license; INN, etc.

You can find out about the possibility of switching under the condition of saving a number by calling the hotline (usually this function is registered in the menu among the quick calls). Employees in the contact center will advise on the details of this procedure, prompt actions or the address of the nearest official stores.

How to register your number

Each SIM card has a unique props, which gives only one owner a recognizable contact. And when changing the service provider, the question arises how to retain the right to use it further, but on the terms of another representative. Thanks to MNP, this possibility is provided, but provided that the contact is assigned to the name of the subscriber. If not, you need to perform this procedure.

This can be done online. You need to log in to your personal account on the cellular company's website, check the status of the number (registered or not) and if it is not listed on the user's details, then fill out an application. Be sure to certify it with an electronic digital signature (EDS).


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