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How to save with the help of outsourcing

About 75% of Fortune 500 companies have already opened their own service centers. Different countries of the world are selected for location, and in recent years they are beginning to emerge in Ukraine too. This fact is direct evidence that large international enterprises are beginning to develop the domestic market for outsourcing.More than 10 years ago, large holdings, whose production is concentrated in many countries around the world, began to organize joint marketing, finance and sales departments in order to serve several branches in different parts of the world. This is how the first business services centers were set up, working on outsourcing terms. Their main task is to reduce the costs of business management, automation and standardization of the main processes, including workflow, personnel management.

Plans for the development of the market

In Ukraine, service centers of large international firms so far 5. The first of them appeared in 2008, one each in Kharkov and Lvov. They were opened by AB InBev Efes and Lufthansa, respectively. Then Nestle, Metinvest, DTEK followed suit.

When looking for a country to organize business centers that specialize in providing outsourcing services, enterprises pay attention to 3 main parameters:


  1. organization of labor arbitration;
  2. staff availability;
  3. level of preparation, economic and political stability of the country.


For some time, experts did not consider Ukraine as a country where centers for outsourcing services could be located. The reason for this was the unstable political and economic situation in the country. However, today the situation is changing. There is a lively interest among international holdings to Ukraine, as to a country where you can organize integrated outsourcing centers, whose task will be to serve global companies.

To date, analysts regard the growth dynamics in this industry as positive. The most attractive locations for opening offices are large cities. The opening of outsourcing centers for international firms in 6 Ukrainian cities is projected: Kiev, Kharkov, Dnieper, Odessa, Ivano-Frankivsk, Lviv.

Experience of Ukrainian companies

The goal for which outsourcing centers are being opened is the ability to find ways to save finances on entrepreneurship development. That is, all ideas to optimize production are aimed at reducing costs for business processes. The practice of doing business on the terms of outsourcing is justified in the case of international enterprises.

The example of large companies began to follow the domestic firms. In 2014, Metinvest created an outsourcing service, the purpose of which was to optimize financial management services. "Many enterprises have built operating models based on common business centers. Metinvest gave preference to the financial function, from which the service began, "commented the company's spokesman, V. Yermak.

According to him, creating a structure that provides outsourcing services takes 6-12 months. The whole process includes:

  • development of an operating base;
  • creation of a business case;
  • choice of approach and transition to SSC (common service centers) on the terms of outsourcing;
  • port of the pilot company.


"In 2014, the management decided to form Metinvest Business Service for accounting (accounting and tax) and treasury on outsourcing terms. To date, the service is already a multifunctional SSC. To optimize his work in 2018 added additional functionality (HR) - shared V. Yermak.Advantages of developing the outsourcing services market in Ukraine
In the first place - this is the emergence of new jobs. The creation of modern business centers in the country to provide services to international holdings on the outsourcing system opens up employment opportunities for the population.

And if you place structures in small peripheral cities, the city-forming function is also among the advantages. The presence of contact centers that provide outsourcing services, and hence jobs, encourages young people to find jobs in their homeland, and not to travel abroad for work. Therefore, officials in small towns are encouraged to promote the formation of service structures through the provision of economic benefits and simplification of the bureaucratic regime. This, in turn, contributes to the development of outsourcing services, increasing the practice of conducting business processes through increasing the loyalty of the audience to products or companies.

Failure example

Despite the positive dynamics of the development of the market for outsourcing services in Ukraine, it is not without its drawbacks. An unfortunate example was the holding company Veon (aka Vympelkom) - the parent company Kyivstar. He was forced to close his service-sharing services structure literally after 2 years after starting work.

The company opened in 2016 in the city of Lviv in order to provide services for the processing of accounting, accounts on the terms of outsourcing. In the face of the structure formed 900 jobs. It was expected that for Veon savings of 10-15 million dollars would be provided. But the idea was not justified.

According to the expert, the problem was in the internal processes of the company itself. At that time, priorities were reoriented in the direction of its work, the conduct of business processes.

In any case, experts believe that the opening of service centers for outsourcing services in Ukraine has a positive effect on the development of its labor market and economy. In addition, this practice should lead to changes in the field of education. If the positive dynamics of the development of the outsourcing services market continue, representatives of enterprises and educational institutions will need to negotiate to adjust training plans for a particular type of business.


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