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5G is no longer fiction, but reality

Эра 5G уже наступила

Fantastic ideas about the innovative high-speed mobile communications 5G become a reality. The President of the Russian Federation issued an order to launch the technology in the next few years. 5G in test mode is already working in the Moscow region. What new features are available to users and whether high-frequency radiation really threatens public health will be answered by experts.

Mobile revolution

5G is a new generation technology based on innovative telephony standards. Experts call the fifth generation revolutionary for mobile communications. The official representative of Rostelecom PJSC notes that it is planned to use 5G technology as a reference in the development of the digital economy. Its revolutionary nature lies in the fact that next-generation networks will meet the requirements of both users and modern services.

"Mobile communication of the fifth generation is endowed with the highest response rate among the possible options and throughput capabilities equal to several gigabits per second," the expert noted.

These characteristics will allow you to watch video broadcasts online with ultra-high resolution (4K, 8K).

5G will also allow the use of various innovative services: virtual and augmented reality, unmanned vehicles, machine-to-machine communications, the Internet of Things, telemedicine, and other resource-intensive processes.

Unlimited Content

The most important advantage of 5G is high speed. The network of the new standard is designed to support a wider range of frequencies, the use of advanced radio waves. Technological characteristics will significantly improve important communication properties affecting the quality of its work: reaction speed, page load, response to commands.

"In the coverage area with reliable reception, subscribers, in principle, will be able to abandon wired Internet communications. The 5G speed provided by the operator will be enough for any content consumption options "- Denis Kuskov (Chief Editor of Telecom Daily) explained the advantages of the technology.

So, this communication standard will open up the possibility to watch videos with ultra-high definition, to play powerful online games that require high-speed communication, without distortion or loss of quality.

In the Moscow region, where new technology is already being tested, it will be almost invaluable in the development of municipal video detectors, it will help to track the routes of public transport.

It is too early to say more precisely how the population has accepted the connection of the new generation. The prospects that 5G offers to users really provide new ways to use communications. However, an analysis of customer satisfaction has not yet been carried out, so there is no reliable data on the loyalty of the target audience of the region being tested.

The Internet of Things: Myth or Modern Reality?
5G will finally connect the real and virtual worlds. This is convenient for the development of "smart home" systems and other technological programs for life control, automated devices.

For example, the same coffee maker does not just make coffee, but also takes stock of the remaining grains, plans the date of purchase of a new batch, will be capable of learning (by accepting updates from the Internet due to constant connection to 5G). Or a vacuum cleaner, which, after cleaning the apartment, will send to the owner on the smartphone a message about things found during the cleaning (rings, coins, etc.).

Refrigerators connected to the fifth generation of communications will acquire the ability to analyze the freshness and supply of provisions, and if necessary without the participation of the person, they themselves will turn to the delivery service.

Sounds like a science fiction movie script about a distant future? But no, all this will become a real reality, due to the high-speed and reliable 5G network.

Gadgets will require updates.
Work with 5G communication can only smartphones, whose functions are designed to support innovative technology. Other devices, even the latest models, will not be able to handle.

Feeling a revolution in the world of technology, several flagship companies immediately announced the creation of smartphones capable of working on this communication standard. So, the new generation mobile phones from a number of well-known brands will soon become available on the market:

  • Xiaomi;
  • Huawei;
  • Samsung;
  • Motorola.

Smartphones will be released around mid-end of the current year.

However, many experts advise to refrain from immediately buying modern devices, it is better to wait until the 5G network can provide coverage throughout the country.Learning New Network
The Internet is already full of horror stories about the danger of 5G technology. Rather fear radiation and its effects on the human brain.

However, Denis Kuskov urges not to panic. The expert claims that there are active negotiations on the harmfulness of radiation literally from the day of the launch of base stations and so far the concerns have not been confirmed.

"Repeatedly conducted research on the influence of high-frequency waves on society. During the experiments, it turned out that all the communication parameters of the new format are presented in the norms allowed by SPIN, "the specialist noted.

Launch plans

Testing of the 5G network started last year in the fall (in September). The Solnechnogorsk massif of the Moscow region acted as a test site. Testing was carried out in the conditions of the base of the Institute of Physical, Technical and Radiotechnical measurements. Scientists are testing antennas, which should ensure the formation of signals, take them in the new standard.

In the capital itself, the operator Beeline began conducting experiments with the introduction of 5G. Testing has been conducted since December 2018 in the framework of the Smart City project in the Marino area.

"The task of quickly launching innovative mobile communications throughout the country has already been assigned a status of national importance," Putin declared at the Federal Assembly in the winter of 2019.

The Moscow government announced a promise to ensure the commercial launch of new-format communications until 2022. However, experts do not make such rosy forecasts. In their opinion, the task of full coverage of the entire Moscow region will be completed in the more distant future. Denis Kuskov expressed doubts about whether the government will be able to establish a full-fledged launch of 5G for the remaining 2 years, subject to the use of domestic equipment.

"In our country, they do not yet produce the necessary devices to ensure the operation of the new generation network. All mobile operators in our time are working closely with modern foreign companies. In view of this, I can assume that the dates will move, "the expert notes.

Among the additions, it is worth noting that the launch of 5G is an expensive project. Today, mobile operators spend huge sums of money on the implementation of the legislation on sovereign Internet and personal data. This significantly slows down the launch of 5G, since the investment goes in a different direction. You also need to think over the user support system, organize the work of contact centers throughout the country. This is a large-scale task that requires time and money to solve.

I agree with the approval of the chief editor of Telecom Daily and another expert - a representative of the company "Rostelecom". The company, in collaboration with partners, is building pilot zones for testing new equipment and studying the functions of the innovative 5G technology. However, in the near future we should not expect the development of new format networks.

"It is still too early to predict a widespread commercial introduction of 5G. Braking is due to the lack of approved standards of the international format and the highest cost of deploying this network compared to other cellular operators, "says an employee of Rostelecom.

Difficulties, according to the expert, are due to the large list of requirements for speed and signal delay in the 5G network, the density of installation of base stations for new communications.

Along with listing the difficulties of deploying 5G, Rostelecom also offers a solution to speed up the process: create a single operator, engage the leaders of the communications market and carry out the necessary work to free the radio frequency spectrum.


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