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Encyclopaedia of outsourcing or why it costs part of the responsibilities to delegate to other companies

Encyclopedia of Outsourcing

One of the first manifestations of outsourcing was the use of IT professionals to solve specific problems, for example, in the field of creating and filling the site, technical support for its impeccable work. Throughout the world, people are actively using the services of companies that not only take on the burden of working in the IT segment, but also provide other tasks, such as:

  • Creation, launching and constant work in the telephony sphere, it allows to establish a telephone dialogue with new or regular customers, inform them about new products, do not lose contact at critical moments of the company's development;
  • Creating the role of the "Secret buyer", because this person will help to find out immediately what problems and shortcomings in the work of the company (office, bank, pawnshop, store) and eliminate the negative factors that will help in solving development and promotion issues;
  • Support for a personal site, including through online consultations.

Note that the tactic of delegation of authority is quite effective and simple, you do not need to look for a place for a new employee, open a position and conduct selection among applicants.

Experience of the USA

The positive experience of Western colleagues makes it possible to assess how important it is to delegate authority, because another 20 years on the territory of the state was established a special institute. Note that even then from 600 small and large companies interviewed, more than 20% would gladly give the authority of another company to keep their accounting records. Over time, the range of possible services has significantly expanded and modernized.

The simplest manifestation of outsourcing is the hosting site, as well as the configuration of computer hardware and software; The creation of contact centers of any technical orientation has been very popular lately. For the company it is really very difficult to finance the project financially, and its payback is significant, but if you seek help from professionals who have a technical staff and experienced employees, the benefits arise just a few weeks after the cooperation. A big plus is that additional monitoring is being conducted to select the most effective further cooperation strategies with different clients, including abroad.

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