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What is the job description of the call center operator?

What is the job description of the call center operator?

For really well-coordinated and efficient work of the call-center, each operator must know his direct duties. In this he will be assisted by an official special legalized instruction, which is a document that indicates the functional duties of each employee.

What is included in direct duties?

According to this instruction, the call center specialist should:

  • receive calls;
  • Advise subscribers (acting and potential) in the telephone mode.
  • Inform customers about the services of the enterprise;
  • Engage in telephone sales;
  • Take into account the wishes and comments of subscribers, and report on them to management;
  • Be able to quickly find and offer customers the best solutions to their problems;
  • Enter the received information into the subscriber base;
  • In the shortest time possible to remember important information about the company's projects;
  • Call subscribers to inform about the latest changes.

Rights of the call center employee

The rights include:

  • Requesting and receiving any information related to its activities, as well as employees who are under its control;
  • Interaction with other departments of the company with the purpose of solving the arising issues;
  • Proposal to the management of decisions aimed at improving the work related to the current regulatory document.

A report to the head about any problems and irregularities that arise during working hours is also included in the law.

For what the employee of the call center can be punished?

The employee will be punished if he:

  • Neglect the performance of personal duties, which are determined by law;
  • Violate civil, labor and criminal rights in the process of work;
  • Cause material damage within the limits established by law.

The employee of the call center is responsible for non-fulfillment or improper performance of his duties in achieving the set goals.

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