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How does the contact center differ from the call center?

How does the contact center differ from the call center?

All organizations, whether commercial or not, use contact centers. At present, such methods of communication are used:

  • Contact Center
  • call center

Many users confuse these two values, absolutely not knowing what their difference is.

What is a contact center?

These institutions are used to communicate with customers, employees process incoming communications through communication. Operators work remotely:

  • by email
  • accepting direct calls;
  • writing to SMS on social networks chat.

Therefore, they are considered to be the highest degree of evolution. Gradually, the customer support service has been improved and now it is possible to handle a large number of calls.

Outbound calls are processed by contacting customers for information purposes.

The creation of such organizations takes place on an individual basis, each organization that plans to create a system of communication with people, should know by what system it will occur.

What is a call center ?

The company is in the same office, where operators are placed, accepting customers' requests. The latter act as well as in the contact center, only all requests of people are handled by employees in the same room. For each operator, a separate table is provided, equipped with the necessary equipment, so that they can work with those in need on the hotline. Calls in the institution are divided into incoming and outgoing. The first comes from customers, and the latter are used to voice the processed information. Services here are very diverse and depend on the purpose of the organization that organized this area.


Workers of these organizations should be stress-resistant, and patient, as each person wants to get the information deployed.

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