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Call tracking. Concept and purpose

Call tracking. Concept and purpose

For successful conduct of business is important service is to track calls. Now it's fashionable to call call tracking. This service, if properly used, can bring significant benefits to the business, regardless of its scope and direction. First of all, tracking calls allows you to determine as accurately as possible the effectiveness of an advertising campaign or an individual PR campaign.

The basic concept

In fact, this is a highly efficient service, thanks to which the reaction of consumers to each type of advertising is made on an individual number. As a result, call tracking greatly simplifies the procedure for generating statistics that indicates the quality of one or another way of promoting goods and services. As a result, companies save material resources, increase sales and expand the client base.

The purpose of call tracking

In fact, the corresponding service allows the company's managers to determine the most promising type of advertising and invest in it more funds by closing the failed ways to promote their products. Tracking calls is designed to understand how the consumer learned about the right product, and what specifically prompted him to make a call and even make a purchase.

Positive aspects of the service:

  • determination of customer numbers;
  • recording of a telephone conversation;
  • the availability of a variety of schemes for forwarding incoming calls;
  • high-quality analytical work;
  • integration with web applications, etc.

Special attention is paid to the function of making a return call. Its main advantage is to keep the maximum number of customers. In addition, the described service can work without problems regardless of geography.

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