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The future of outsourcing call centers

The future of outsourcing call centers

The trend of the past 2015 year was the total popularity of call centers in the Russian Federation and other CIS countries, and the world at large. This phenomenon was not a big surprise, but the growth rate still exceeded all expectations. It is understandable, the fait accompli was only a matter of time - who will refuse from relatively cheap labor, so even with such performance indicators. But all this happened in the past year and what to expect from the next?

General paradigm

When it comes to online business, it is looked instantly prodigious number of experts who intend to express their opinion. Of course, it should be carefully filtered. Today, even after such "treatment" of mass prediction is the most populist idea of ​​fate repetition other Internet revolutions. That is, in the coming years will be established and continuously strengthen the power of large, striking in its power, the corporate machine, constantly absorbing small companies.

The era of mergers - so it is called, when even the most experienced players in the market are dealt under oppressive circumstances. As a rule, have to sell their companies, startups and ideas. Otherwise, you will be crushed under the wheels of leviathans. Of course, this prospect does not appeal to anyone, but the practice of previous years in other areas of internet business says about such future.

More specifics

Let's look at the most popular services or the possibility of call centers, which today can be found at almost every site. So, what can you expect in such areas as:

  • Hotlines offer great prospects - More profitable businesses to organize a full-fledged office in other countries and regions, is enough to have adapted the trading platform and high quality hotline, which opens up new opportunities for outsourcing call centers;
  • Live Chat - they are the future, how often do you use social networks, e-mail or instant messaging, and the cheaper it is, as a rule, than calls, therefore, for the development and improvement of chats in 2016 should pay a lot of attention;
  • Comprehensive support - businessmen do not like to deal in a completely new technologies and waste precious time continuous monitoring of their employees, if the task is set and done correctly and on time, then all is well, is the motto at the call centers, self-integration into the existing site, design, stylization, development strategies, and so on.

These are just the basic tendencies, which, according to the predictions of many experts outsourcing and call centers, will come in 2016. Very soon it will end the first quarter, then we can knock out some of the results and look at their line.

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