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Automation of the contact center

Automation of the contact center

Most modern companies often use in my company's work, offering call center services. While this trend is gaining momentum, most of them are not in favor of this innovation. The main reason which stops entrepreneurs - database transfer to others. That is why politics is increasingly used to automate this activity.

Process Features

In most cases, uses standard automation scheme. Of course, their appearance depends directly on the range of services offered by the company. In most cases, there are three main categories, which held the automation procedure:

  1. Checking. To work call center in your company to become truly competitive, before his work is important to choose the experts. In some cases, staff must also teach the basics. In the process of work often have to check the work of professionals. To perform this procedure often used their own strength, but there is a possibility of involving and foreign organizations.
  2. Automation. In analyzing the action of the contact center, most entrepreneurs receive information that about 50% of all incoming calls to make inquiries. People interested in is information about the company. In order to provide this information is sufficient briefly to answer the customer's question. Because in most cases, the answering machine, which stores information on important issues. If the information requested is complex, it is proposed to link with the operator.
  3. Testing. After the execution of automated circuit communication with customers, it is necessary to clarify how effective it is.

Beginning of work

The main feature of the automated system of communication with the client is its 2beseda "with answering machine. This minimizes the "live" communication with the staff. Because in order to attract maximum number of customers to this service, you must take into account its features. First of all, the emphasis is on building a menu that is used to inform users. At the beginning of the conversation to display the most relevant queries. And they in turn can continue with this procedure submenu. If your answer has not been found by the user, he can always use the connection to the call center operator.

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