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outsourcing CALL-CENTRE

Outsourcing CALL-CENTRE

·         In a general sense telemarketing means telephone calls to potential clients on behalf of the Customer's company where a professionally trained operator-consultant collects or provides the necessary information to the audience, shows interest in cooperation, handles the objections and, having the necessary information, conducts presale negotiations with the client. Telephone calls are carried out on a prearranged basis. This type of call is called "cold".

·         In Ukraine and Russia many companies have already tested and evaluated the telemarketing advantages. Some companies even tried to create their own internal telemarketing department with its mission to attract new customers. But as a rule, the managers face the fact that the effectiveness of such a department is not as high as they would like. Costs for creating are not covered by the received income.

·         In 2006, beer production company "Baltika", which headquarters are located in St. Petersburg, created its consolidated call-center. It is located in the administrative building of the "Baltika" plant. The investments in the call-center are about $ 80 thousand. The Baltic call-center is simultaneously served by 2 operators and 1 administrator (

·         Let us estimate the costs for your own call center and compare its effectiveness with an outsourcing call center:

·         *Corporate call center:

·         1) One time investments in work places organization. Purchase of tables and chairs, equipment (telephones, computers etc). Approximately - 15 000 grivnas.

·         2) Office rental costs, where you allocate the operators department ( 4 square meters for each operator) - 3000-7000 grivnas depending on the office category;

·         3) Supplies (stationary and the other) - 300 grivnas/month;

·         4) Salary is 6 000 grivnas (an operator’s average salary is 3 000 grivnas/month).

·         5) Training – about 3000 a month;

·         6) Plus – expenses for the recruitment department for selection and maintaining of these specialists;

·         7) Plus expenses for telephone lines.

·         In totals the expenses of the first month are starting from 30000 and from 15000 in the following months.

·         Two operators of your own call center can make “manually” around 100 calls a day (out of them 50-60% are conversations, 50-40% are busy or calling back and other).

·         So the operators manage to call 2000 companies a month (In average 2 minutes per company, that makes 4000 working minutes).

·         *Outsourcing call center

·         One operator of the outsourcing contact call can make calls of the same amount of minutes and companies for 16 working days (approximately 240 calls a day).

·         The Customer does not have any organizational expenses, the cost of such calls is about 10000 grivnas on the first month and 7000 in the next months, as the project preparation was paid on the first stage.

·         In western countries 80% of companies use the services of outsourced call-centers. Learning from the experience of the advanced countries, more and more Ukrainian and Russian companies are coming to the conclusion that inclusion of the outsourced call-center in their business process is very efficient and profitable.

·         The marketing director of "Trade House SANESTA-METAL" LTD (selling products of ferrous metallurgy) Eugene Ganapolskii stated that the experience of cooperation with an outsourcing call-center for his company turned positive. "We have had a small staff of our own telemarketers for a long time who were actively looking for new clients, but now we are cooperating with the outsourced call-centers. This is due to great volume of information that we want to process in a fairly short time, and call centers’ experts cope with the task perfectly "(Journal « Coach » January-February 2009).

·         «Companies evaluated the benefits of using an external call-center, hence, first of all, there is no need to maintain special equipment and personnel, and, secondly, the external resource allows conduction of serious statistics, said Alexander Dmitriev, the head of the call-center" ARKTEL ".- The advantages of the outsourcing call-center have always been like that, but in the context of financial constraints they have become more apparent to customers "(Journal« Coach »January-February 2009).

·         One should understand that telemarketing is a tool that requires trained technicians who work on professional equipment. In fact with the modern computer software, the outsourcing call center operator  does not waste time searching for the companies to call; manual dialing of telephone numbers; sending commercial offers, etc. The computer makes all of these steps automatically and at high speed. Thus, one operator makes about 200-250 calls per day, while the sales manager (not to be mixed with the corporate call-center operator) physically processes only 15-20 calls. Accordingly, the number of potential customers who were attracted by the call-center operator is at times higher.

·         Due to its efficiency the call center can solve problems that normal sales department cannot handle:

·         1. Simultaneous message to all company’s clients about special promotion of products/services

·         2. «Penetration» into new market spheres in short terms in order to explore the level of interest to new products/services. The calls are conducted on the updated databases.

·         3. Commercial offer delivery to the potential clients (by email). In call center all sending outs are carried out automatically to all interested companies.

·         4. Clients questionnaire about level of satisfaction with products/services and their needs (improvement customer service).

·         It is worth saying that the call center works as an assistant for the sales department, as by calling new companies and entities, it gathers the “top” from the market and then passes them for processing to the sales department of the Customer’s company. The Customer has only to push the interested clients to make purchases.

·         On the basis of the completed work the company has precious material which allows to make conclusions:

·         1. About its products “attractiveness” for the clients. According to the obtained information one can improve product/service for more effective promotion.

·         2. If a commercial offer is competently composed, and to correct it in order to increase the number of responses

·         3. About new market trends and to use them to beat the competition.

·         4. About number of potential clients who use products/services of the competitors’ companies etc.

·         In conditions of “narrowed” market more chances are given to those companies which are not only able to find new clients on new segments, but win them back from their competitors. For this purport you should be the first to use the newest technologies. The leader will be the company which builds the right strategy to gain the market, using professionals on all stages of work.

·         What is in outgoing telemarketing for the Customer’s company:

·         1. Direct communication with the target audience

·         Telemarketing is the best way to select the target audience by segments,  the level of the number of employees in the company, ownership, etc.,  that traditional advertising kinds cannot guarantee.

·         2. Possibility to reach a client by place of his residence

·         Potential clients are always “visible” for you. You can always get in touch with your audience by home (B2C) or work (B2B) telephone.

·         3. Possibility to choose regions, addresses, directions.

·         Choice of any region, district, street, address.

·         4. Results received from cold calls to few thousand companies in the most short terms

·         The call center can call 150 000 numbers a week using 50 operators, or during half of a year using 1-2 operators. It all depends of the company’s needs. The project urgency does not influence the telemarketing cost.

·         5. Possibility to choose contacts by job position, age.

·         The choice of contact people by job positions choice, groups of individuals based on indirect criteria (pensioner, computer user, internet user), gender.

·         6. Prompt response

·         As the telemarketing is a personal appeal the possibility to receive a response appears during few hours after the start of promotion, campaign.

·         7. Measured response

·         The call center can provide reports about the audience response for the company’s offer.

·         8. High participation of the audience

·         As the telemarketing is a dialogue between an operator and a potential client, this way of communication has high level of audience participation. The operator exposes potential clients’ problems and needs and quickly offers solution.

·         9. Confidence to be heard


·         Telemarketing is obtrusive because it is simply impossible not to answer the phone when it is ringing.

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