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The ideal telephone consultant - who this person is

Each of us in his life, sooner or later, faced the fact that he was forced to communicate with a telephone consultant. This practice of technical and business communication came to us from Western countries, where the phone in business, namely, as a way of communicating with customers, was actively used in the early 90s of the last century. In our country, similar practice became more active only by the middle of the 2000s, when a potential audience began to appear mobile phones.

Checking the activity of the online store - the subtleties of operations

Doing business in the Internet segment puts its owner not only in a fairly rigid framework to match the current market conditions, but also forces you to keep your hand on the pulse of events, and besides to control (in a good sense) the words of your audience. The point is that the feedback should be adjusted as efficiently as possible, so that the client not only did not leave after the first cooperation, but also advised you in the future to work.

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