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Creation of hotline 8800 is the most effective solution for organizations of the established communication with customers, dealers, partners and distributors. This allows not only to identify customers' target preferences, but also to increase their number by enhancing loyalty and more accessible means of contact. Also creation of the call center is irreplaceable for production planning, because it allows you to quickly conduct any market research and to expand into new markets.

Creation of hotline is advisable when introducing products to the consumer markets, conducting great promotions and the implementation of other projects that require quick response of the audience.

The contact center ContactCall offers complex solution of telephone sales using advanced tools to the manufacturers:

·         Telephone survey (Post call) is needed to explore the audience, demand, usefulness of promotions;

·         Voice command menu IVR is reduction of waiting time on the line and prompt distribution of the calls among operators;

·         Telemarketing;

·         Presentation of new products and services;

·         Service of automated information;

·         Maintenance and updating of databases.

The ContactCall complex of services includes:

·         Full or partial forwarding of the incoming/outgoing calls to the outsourcing;

·         Creation of the informational line regarding quality and terms of purchase;

·         Hotline organization for traffic forwarding and to avoid the interim lines overloading; 

·         Elimination of distributors from the manufacturer-customer chain by organizing a virtual office;

·         Organization of other kinds of telephone communication.

Also the call center ContactCall offers its services to organize an interim call center “Turnkey”.

The advantages from the cooperation with us are:

·         Loyal price formation politics;

·         Team of competent operators;

·         Individual approach;

·         Minimizing the waiting time on the line;


·         Clear reporting.

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