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Contact center services for insurance

Contact center for an insurance company

Active development of the insurance industry, an increase in demand for services, a sharp increase in insurance risks and cases stimulate insurance companies to optimize the process of communication with existing and potential customers. Such a close interaction strategy is aimed at simplifying informing about existing service packages, advantageous offers and quick response when insured events occur.
For prompt communication of the population with insurance organizations, a call center service based on outsourcing and advanced communication solutions is used. The effective work of companies in the insurance industry is impossible without operational communication, which provides:

  • round-the-clock informative customer support;
  • obtaining comprehensive advice;
  • quick solution to serious, urgent situations.

In addition, call center operators serving the insurance sector inform customers about new insurances, their cost, and recommend profitable insurance packages that cover risks and threats of interest.


Benefits of working with a call center in the insurance industry

Outsourcing of the contact center allows you to solve a wide range of tasks that increase the quality and efficiency of service:


  1.  Improve the communication process. Thanks to round-the-clock support, subscribers can easily call the call center both for general information on service packages and in case of insurance circumstances.
  2.  Reduce telephone costsCall center Contact Call has formed special service packages for companies working in the insurance industry. Collaboration with the call center eliminates the need for insurance companies to purchase additional communication equipment, hire personnel, or equip operators' workplaces.
  3. Choose a suitable tariff and package of services

When ordering outsourcing services, the insurance company independently chooses the key areas of cooperation. These include the organization of a "hot line", telemarketing, counseling, calling existing and potential customers.
In addition to receiving and processing incoming calls, operators also perform other professional tasks:


  • as part of a conversation with subscribers, it is possible to study their needs for existing insurance products, to identify areas of interest for expanding offers;
  • call center specialists loyally and skillfully solve conflict situations, thoroughly master communication tactics in difficult circumstances;
  • Contact center outsourcing involves finding new customers and adjusting the customer base by obtaining new information;
  • Based on the information received by the call center employees, it is possible to perform data analysis, generate objective analytical reports;
  • the call center conducts interactive surveys to assess the real situation of the insurance organization in the market and further adjust its activities.

Outsourcing of the contact center will help to increase the efficiency of interaction between the insurance company and customers, improve its image and recognition among the population, and actively promote existing and new service packages.


To learn more about cooperation, the actual price of services, to get acquainted with offers for insurance companies, please call: +38 0 800 21 01 65, +380503957775.


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