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Real Estate Agencies

The dynamic construction of housing, an increase in demand for real estate in the primary market, the demand for houses and apartments in the secondary market are intensifying sales agencies, and real estate leasing to look for new ways to interact with customers. Real estate agencies with established communication channels demonstrate high results of work, where every appeal of a potential buyer or tenant is recorded, a thorough analysis of applications is carried out.
Thanks to a streamlined communication scheme with those wishing to buy, sell or rent housing or offices, the agency management has a clear picture of the work of their company. The head of the organization gets the opportunity to evaluate the effectiveness of each employee, identify promising areas, adjust existing strategies.
Contact center will help to solve the problem of competent and efficient communication between the client base and primary and secondary real estate agencies. The capabilities of the modern Contact Call call center include:
creating a single phone number for contacting the agency;

  • organization of a "hot line" with a convenient work schedule;
  • recording all incoming and outgoing calls;
  • record dialogs of operators and subscribers;
  • entering customers into the database.

Contact center services for companies working in real estate involve the distribution of calls by subject, followed by referral to a specific realtor. Call forwarding contributes to their efficient and effective processing, increasing the loyalty of the agency's image, and helps in competition with other organizations in the real estate market.


Principles of cooperation of a call center and real estate agency

The interaction of contact center operators and companies operating in real estate involves three main areas:


  1. Telephone calls come down to making an appointment in person at the office. The operator's task is to fix the customer's data, the subject of his application and the appointment of a date, time and place of meeting with a realtor who will be engaged in servicing.
  2. The second method of communication is that the operator fixes the call and informs the subscriber that as soon as the agent of the agency selects suitable options for the issue of interest, he will immediately contact the subscriber.
  3. The third method involves operational communication in the chain - a client-operator-specialist agency. After receiving a call, the operator quickly redirects it to a free specialist of a real estate company.

Thanks to the call center outsourcing, several tasks are immediately solved: client data is entered into the database, the realtor is not distracted by pointless dialogs, information is collected for analysis of calls. Contact center services require thorough processing of all calls:

  • a customer card is issued for each appeal;
  • fixed time and date of treatment;
  • the name of the realtor who will deal with the client's question is entered in the card;
  • conversations between operators and applicants are recorded.

The collected database can be used for advertising mailings, SMS informing, proposals for the purchase of housing in new buildings. Thanks to outsourcing of the Contact Call call center, real estate agencies are able to significantly improve the quality of their activities, expand their customer base, and increase the number of requests for recommendations.


To find out the details of cooperation, the price and apply for outsourcing, please call: +38 0 800 21 01 65, +380503957775.


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