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Internet shopping

In an online store work the great importance is given to the communication with the clients and audience, providing information about cooperation, delivery and payment terms and conditions, monitoring of orders. The work will be cost-effective and profitable only if the contact processes are properly arranged.

To provide telephone sales and consultations it is necessary to recruit and train staff, to purchase the specialized equipment, to allocate workspace (very often – to rent an office) that ultimately leads to great expenses. You can reduce the expenses several times while improving the quality of service by entrusting the work to the outsourcing call center.

The contact Center ContactCall offers full service with incoming and outgoing calls. Cooperation with us is:

·         Efficient and friendly operators;

·         Modern equipment;

·         Calls processing any time of the day, month;

·         Activation of your own Hotline;

·         Telephone presentations, databases maintaining;

·         Technical, consulting, informational support of customers/partners;

·         Effective “cold” calls and active sales;

·         Considerable savings, low prices for the services;

·         All kinds of reports.

Organization of a call center with the ContactCall is a profitable business solution that allows you to concentrate available forces on the development and promotion of an online store and not be distracted to recruit and train staff and control their work.

Involvement of the ContactCall into the work will provide the following benefits:

·         Increase of an average purchase cost;

·         Providing 24hours smooth store work;

·         Increase of repeated/combined sales;

·         Speeding up the work processes and simplification of the business activity;

·         Audience research, implementation of telephone marketing;

·         Increased trade turnover and number of customers.

ContactCall provides detailed statistical reports on negotiation, market research, etc. Cooperation with us is a step to enhance profits and increase competitive advantages!

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