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Hotline is the most effective option if you looking for an effective way of communication with the customers. The call center ContactCall offers the service "Hotline" for those who always want to stay connected with their clients. Your customers will appreciate the ability to quickly get the answer to any question, regardless of their place of residence. Number 0800 will increase customers’ trust in your company; as well it will increase the interest of other companies for cooperation with you. And the skilled specialists of our contact center will carry out receiving calls to solve all your customers’ problems, fill in the orders and perform other necessary things. Using Contact Call Hotline you will not miss any call.

What is included in the service "Hotline"?

• Agreed work schedule (can have an option of 7 days a week, 24 hours a day);

• A group of operators who have passed proper training and fully learnt the project specifics;

• Testing a trial scenario of communication with customers;

• Registration of the hotline number 0800;

• Creating IVR;

• Registration of each incoming call, making statistics;

• Strict control of the operators’ work quality;

• Reports to the Customer about the completed works.


Hotline will help you to provide the quality service to your customers and also potential customers; it will certainly improve your reputation and make way to increased income.

Why ContactCall?

Choose contact center ContactCall if you are looking for an outsourcing company which is offering service "hotline". Our advantages are:

• A team of professionals is guarantee of high quality and full performance.

• Precise implementation of the Customer’s wishes that will focus your customers on the use of the new services.

• Trust in your company will increase. We guarantee that no call will be missed!

• Our technical potential is the newest equipment providing smooth operation of the hotline.

• Training employees to improve their skills, conducting seminars and trainings.

We offer 24 hours hotlines so you will be able to provide answers to their clients any time of the day, either on weekday or holiday. The Operators of the Call Center ContactCall will provide a detailed response to each and every client and solve the most unpredictable problems.


Make a request or call us now to order the activation of "hotline".

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