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Voice menu IVR - automatic voicemail

To optimize the incoming customers’ calls and forward them in accordance with the subject for further processing the voice menu IVR is used. The main purpose of the system is to save time on processing incoming calls, thereby reducing the costs for maintenance of the incoming line. In fact, IVR voice menu is an answering machine that plays the pre-recorded information when a call comes in. In real time a client himself has an opportunity to obtain the necessary information by simply pressing the buttons.

You need voice menu IVR if:

1.     Your company processes thousands of the telephone calls every day and the processing of a call takes a lot of time and costs for numerous staff.

2.     The callers’ questions are mostly same and do not require the operators assistance in majority of cases.

We suggest you not to waste time for taking and processing of the incoming calls and use our contact center offer. The voice menu IVR is an advantageous variant for your company hotline that saves time for the main work.

Where voice menu IVR can be used

The voice menu IVR is used in different businesses both for the communication with the clients and partners and for the interim connection with the colleagues. Using the voice menu IVR it is convenient to sell products and service of wide range, to carry out interactive contests, to forward the incoming calls in informational and entertaining resources and also to forward the incoming calls in accordance with their themes.

 Evaluate the voice menu IVR advantages from the contact center ContactCall:

·         Work without breaks and weekends (24 hours a day, 7 days a week).

·         Full control of the incoming calls due to the automatized system.

·         Savings of manpower and material resources.

·         Quality increase in customers’ service.

·         Expanding the clients’ database.

How to book voice menu IVR

Our contact center specialists will record all voice messages. They will be composed in accordance with intonation rules, diction, recorded professionally. Voice menu IVR from the contact center ContactCall will make positive and trustworthy impression on the clients and will raise your company’s image.

You can make an order and soon you will be contacted by our manager to clarify all the details. Or ask questions ordering "a call back." Call us at any time, as well as e-mail us (details are stated on the website). Call Center ContactCall experts will provide you with the most advantageous solution depending on the specifics of your company and the volume of incoming calls.

Also, together with the service voice menu IVR we suggest you to use the following call center services ContactCall:


virtual office;

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