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A call center for the distribution companies is the best solution to improve the process of work, which will not only reduce costs in times for organizing telephone contacts, but also significantly improve the level of customer service.

It is well known that communication in sales organization is crucial. At the same time, many wholesale, retail distribution companies are unable to effectively make contact with the customer because of the banal lack of time due to a large number of organizational problems.

Implementation of professional support from the contact center ContactCall eliminates the need of receiving incoming and outgoing calls from the work process.

The reasons to entrust some authorities to the call center ContactCall:

·         Inaccuracies in orders;

·         Frequent mistakes in forms filling up, delivery organizations etc;

·         Inaccurate information about sales quantity and the remainings in stores;

·         Constant failures to meet deadline of reports;

·         Ineffective marketing complex.

Call center is ready to fully take over all the business processes carried out on the phone and arrange professional, high quality customer service. We will advise competently about promotions, new services and products, provide information about shipping and returns, debt, etc., which will expand the dealer network and properly build algorithms of active sales.

The perspectives from the cooperation with the call center ContactCall:

·         Release of time and manpower for development of retail network, quality and quantity increase of sales of products and services;

·         Maximum effective information spreading for clients and partners;

·         Improvement of the customer service (reduction of waiting time on the line), increase of loyalty to the company;


·         Training ContactCall employees your scripts and algorithms of sales, the implementation of more effective selling techniques.

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