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Delivery outsourcing for online stores

Organization of the delivery service company is difficult enough. One should consider many factors to have loads arrive without damage and, most importantly, on time. For effective operation you need to be constantly in touch with the clients. Besides you must create a site for the company, arrange telephone forwarding and work of the department on receiving requests and calls. It is all quite difficult and troublesome to organize.

To save time you can use the services of the call center for delivery services. You will not have to think about every detail, such as receiving calls, call processing, and providing information and auto-notification for your customers. All these tasks will be handled by the outsourcing call center ContactCall. You no longer need to arrange the communication with the customers; the ContactCall operators will process all incoming calls properly.

Our professional equipment for the smooth completion of the tasks and large staff of highly qualified professionals will allow quickly and efficiently receiving and distributing orders for delivery of different goods or correspondence.

Each call will be processed within a minute; such prompt action will significantly increase the customers’ loyalty to your company. What does this service include? This is a quite wide range of special solutions for delivery service. First of all it is:

·         Creation of the department of clients’ calls processing using internet.

·         Creation of the virtual IP ATS.

·         24 hours support of you telephone.

·         Orders receiving and processing, an order compilation and confirmation, orders forwarding for the execution.

·         Consulting your clients on various questions such as delivery cost, availability of the product in stores and solution of various conflict situations.

·         Activation of the service “Virtual Office” that helps to open branches across the country.

·         Creation and updating the databases for the effective analysis.

·         Usage of IVR that is allowing calls to be automatically routed.

·         Auto-notification of your potential clients with the help of voice or sms send outs.

By using our solution for the correspondence and cargo delivery services you can attract new customers and retain the regular ones and increase the profit greatly.

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