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Creating and updating databases

To reach the effective sales one should refer only to the interested potential clients. The popular service “Creation and updating the databases” will help you to create such a base that work with it will make sufficient results in any company’s activity.

Why do you need updating the databases?

If there is necessity for proper promotion of the company’s products one has to update the list of clients. It is carried out to confirm the existing clients’ data, to enter new people who are greatly interested in company’s products/services. Updating the clients’ database will help not to miss a client but also to attract a new target audience.

One should remember that the information is changing, in some cases quite rapidly, and it makes impossible to foresee the results of the company’s marketing activity. This work requires precise following the performance standards, and also it takes a lot of time and manpower. The contact center ContactCall offers you its services. We will handle this hard work of creation and updating your company’s databases.

How do we work?

·         All we need from you is to give the databases parameters (your company’s kinds of business, work geography and the other).

·         The contact center ContactCall will create and update the clients’ lists (Excel, Doc, ACCESS, txt format).

To update your clients’ databases we need:

·         The existing base with marks what should be updated.

·         Phone calls to the clients and updating the database (Excel, Doc, ACCESS, txt format).

The advantages of the service “Creation and updating the databases” are:

The high performance of the contact center that enables you to get the updated databases in short period of time.

Following the Customer’s criteria.

Together with us you will get the information that will help you to find new approaches to the clients and to increase the revenue of your company. The database created by the ContactCall is strictly confidential and delivered to the Customer in a convenient format.

Together with the service “creation and updating the databases” you may also use the following services:


Sales by phone
presentation by phone;
telephone surveys;
telephone agitation.

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