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Outsourcing technical support

The provider services market is highly competitive for the main players and that is forcing companies to fight for every single customer. However it is not rare that there are times when the operators are simply unable to cope with the avalanche of incoming calls and forced to miss calls or make mistakes in database maintenance.

In each provider’s practice, regardless of the scope of his activities (telephone, television, internet) for sure there were situations of inaccuracies of information when ordering services and other nuances, which knock out a well-functioning working rhythm.

If you are familiar with such problems, the most efficient way to solve them is booking service "call center for providers." This tool allows you to debug communication with customers, optimize work processes and reach a fundamentally new level of service and, consequently, profitability.

Organization of the outsourcing call center means not only 24 hours’ service of incoming calls processing, but also independent telephone calls such as "cold calls" or active phone sales. It is also possible to implement questionnaires programs, providing automatic information and telephone presentations.

The outsourcing center ContactCall staff with take over all telephone relationships with customers and partners.

The advantages of forwarding calls to outsourcing:

·         Possibility to concentrate on priority tasks without distracting factors;

·         Reduction of expenses for utility bills;

·         Proper processing of incoming calls, full support of clients on any question;

·         Organization of hot line and informational line, virtual office;

·         Full statistic reporting;

·         Absence of necessity to train staff, to equip work places and allocate an office.


ContactCall has only highly qualified staff and has a strong technical base. By contacting us, you provide stable and continuous connection with your company!

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